Neuberg Atelier – Beauty and sophisticated style

Through the art of embroidery, Neuberg Atelier provides a contrast to the cool, modern design of the digital era. Using one of the oldest textile techniques, we create personalised tablecloths and runners, serviettes and bath towels, monograms and crests. They carry the logos of hotels, inns and spas as a means of transporting the firms’ corporate design and can even be used as personal gifts. Even today, embroidery is widely recognised as a means of creating products that are both decorative and durable.

The art of embroidery represents a cultural achievement of antiquity and the Middle Ages. Worldly and spiritual leaders across epochs knew the value of embroidery. They used it to decorate princely courts and bishop’s sees, royal garments and liturgical robes. The technique of embroidery was perfected over the centuries and is still considered particularly representative today. Whether clothing, accessories or the furnishings in elegant villas and noble residences, embroidery adds refinement to everything. It transports a piece of human cultural history into the digital age.